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Tranquil water views are the highlight of these 108 condominium units in Cypress Isle.

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Cypress Isle is one of the twenty-four neighborhoods in The Polo Club. Tranquil water views are the highlight of these 108 condominium units in Cypress Isle. Several units also enjoy views of the 17th golf hole on the Equestrian Course.
Built from 1987-1998, the first and second-floor units offer two to four bedrooms. Square footage ranges from 2,000 to 3,300 square feet in the Cypress Isle condos. In addition to the many amenities The Polo Club offers at the central clubhouse, Cypress Isle residents also have access to a satellite pool inside the neighborhood. To learn more about Cypress Isle in The Polo Club, please contact Michael & Wendy Ledwitz, Polo Club residents and Polo’s #1 real estate agents.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cypress Isle Real Estate 

  1. What are the current real estate trends in Cypress Isle at The Polo Club of Boca Raton?

    Currently, the real estate market in Cypress Isle reflects a trend towards stable and increasing property values, fueled by the neighborhood's luxury status and the broader appeal of The Polo Club. The demand for homes in Cypress Isle remains consistently high, driven by its reputation as one of the most exclusive subdivisions within the club. Buyers are particularly attracted to the spacious, high-end homes that offer privacy and access to unparalleled club amenities. The market here tends to be less volatile than in less established areas, maintaining its allure among affluent buyers looking for a prestigious and secure lifestyle investment.

  2. How have property values in Cypress Isle changed recently?

    Property values in Cypress Isle have shown an upward trend over the past few years. This increase is attributed to the ongoing demand for luxury homes in secure, amenity-rich communities like The Polo Club. As more buyers seek out homes that offer an all-encompassing lifestyle — encompassing recreation, dining, and social activities within a gated community — properties in Cypress Isle have benefited. Additionally, as overall market conditions in Boca Raton remain favorable, this neighborhood continues to see appreciation in home values.

  3. What types of properties are most common in Cypress Isle?

    Cypress Isle primarily features large single-family homes that are designed with luxury in mind. These properties often include multiple bedrooms, expansive living areas, custom kitchens, and private pools. Architectural styles vary, with a focus on Mediterranean and contemporary designs that complement the tropical landscape and waterfront settings. Many homes also offer golf course or lake views, enhancing their desirability. The commonality among all properties in Cypress Isle is a commitment to luxury and comfort, with attention to detail that appeals to discerning buyers.

  4. What should potential buyers consider when looking at properties in Cypress Isle?

    Potential buyers in Cypress Isle should consider the lifestyle offered by The Polo Club community. Membership in the club is mandatory for residents, which means buyers need to be aware of the associated costs and benefits of club membership, including access to golf, tennis, fitness, and social amenities. Additionally, considering the community’s architectural guidelines and property upkeep standards is crucial for maintaining property values and ensuring a consistent aesthetic throughout the neighborhood. Buyers should also evaluate the size and layout of the homes to ensure they meet their space and functionality needs.

  5. Is Cypress Isle a good area for real estate investment?

    Cypress Isle is considered a solid area for real estate investment, especially for those looking to maintain or increase the value of their assets over time. The neighborhood's prestige, combined with the amenities and security offered by The Polo Club, makes it highly desirable for potential renters and buyers alike, ensuring a steady demand. Furthermore, properties in Cypress Isle tend to retain their value due to the ongoing attractiveness of the community and its amenities, making them a potentially lucrative investment for those interested in the luxury housing market.

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